Primers and Sealers

Primers and sealers are used to prepare a surface for painting. They may be used on walls that have been repaired or have been previously painted with colours much darker or brighter than the new paint colour, bare wood and metal. They can also be used to cover marker or crayon marks, water stains, pet stains and woods that have colours that tend to bleed through paint, such as redwood or cedar.

Finish Paints

There are two types of finish paints that are currently used. They are latex and alkyd. Alkyd paint is also referred to as oil paint. Of the two types of paint, latex paint is easier to use and gives surfaces a great finish. There are many positive characteristics of latex paint. Latex paint has fewer odors than alkyd paint. It also dries quickly and allows moisture to evaporate through it, which can eliminate blistering, cracking and peeling. Latex paint is also non-flammable and can be touched up easily.

Levels of Gloss

The amount of light reflected off the surface of the paint is called “sheen”. There are four categories for the level of sheen in paint. These levels of gloss are called flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.


Flat paints do not reflect light, which gives them a matte finish. They help hide imperfections which may be present on the surface. Matte finish paints are normally used on ceilings and walls in areas that do not have a high amount of traffic, such as formal living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms not used by children.


Satin finish or eggshell finish has a soft sheen that is similar to that of an eggshell. Satin finish paints create a harder surface on walls and tend to be more durable than flat paints. Because of this durability, they can be used in children’s bedrooms, staircases, hallways and family rooms.


Semi-gloss paints are easier to clean and more durable than satin finish paints. They can be used in high traffic rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are also often used on wood trim and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


Gloss paints have the most durable, hardest, and most stain resistant finish of all paints. It is the easiest paint finish to clean. However, gloss paints will show more of the imperfections in walls and ceilings. Gloss paints are the best choice for rooms in your house which have the most traffic, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are also excellent choices for stairway handrails and banisters and doors and door trim.

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